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altA 17 year old woman has been suicide in India, after being brutally gang raped by a group of people. This hideous crime is said to be occurred, on 13th November 2012 while the victim was participating a Diwali religious ceremony.  


The GCE Advanced Level Examination results issued after many delays have caused a massive confusion due to serious errors, says the IUSF convener Sanjeewa Bandara.

altThe Public Services Commission has rejected the proposal by the government to make permanent 4000 acting principals.  The Minister of Education had presented a cabinet paper to make the appointment permanent and had obtained the cabinet approval as well.  A ministerial subcommittee too had been appointed regarding the matter.  

The committee comprising of the Minister of Education Bandula Gunawardene, and Ministers Dinesh Gunawardene and Maithripala Sirisena had recommended that the relevant acting principals should be made permanent. 

altAccording to the Minister of Higher Education, Mr S B Dissanayake, if the Medical Council takes any decision contrary to the Government policy with regard to the Graduates from Malabe Private Medical College, then it will be dissolved and a new Medical Council will be appointed.

altSince existing economic system in the country which is heading towards its destruction and incapable of solving the masses problems, the JVP will organize the masses for a proper new system for the country, said the General Secretary Mr. Tilvin Silva.

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