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altThe Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led National Democratic Alliance headed for a landslide victory at the Indian General Elections.
Meanwhile Jayalalithaa Jeyaram’s ADMK Party won the elections in Tamil Nadu but the BJP may not need ADMK assistance because of its clear majority.

altA Chinese cargo ship was wrecked in the Southern sea close by Hong Kong city. Group of fishermen managed to rescue one crew member while all onboard crew members with all the wares were wrecked. It is reported that 9 crew members died out of 11 crew onboard.

altThe daughter of the leader of the Indian Congress Party, Ms Priyanka Gandhi is preparing to contest at the Indian general election. According to reports from the Indian media, she is contesting for the Varanasi Province. Already the son of the late ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, Mr Rahul Gandhi is contesting as the candidate for Prime Minister of the Congress Party. With the aim of giving a contest to the candidate for the Prime Minister from the Bharath People’s Party, Mr Narendra Modi, Ms Priyanka Gandhi has decided to enter the General Election from the Congress Party.

altRuling Socialist Party candidate Anne Hidalgo became the mayor of Paris after winning the municipal elections in the capital last Sunday. In the history of France, this is the first time a female has been elected as the mayor of Paris.

altPeople in the Crimea, Ukraine have expressed their wish to join Russia in the referendum held, with 95% of its population voting in favour. The leader of the Crimea said that along with these results they will file an appeal to join the Russian Federation. Russian president Vladimir Putin had said that he respects the decision made by the people of Crimea.

altRussia is going to present a resolution against the US and UK joint resolution against Human Right violations, during the coming Geneva summit.

China and Pakistan have already supported it and discussions are being held with some other countries. 

Russia is going to ask for a investigation into the countries who during the Sri Lankan war delivered arms to both parties. The countries who delivered arms to the LTTE are going to be revealed.

altAfter six month s, discussions on the nuclear program  of Iran  started  yesterday in Vienna. Representatives from China, Russia, United States, Britain, France and Germany participated in the discussions. The discussion will take place for three days. It was decided to go for a long term agreement in November after an internal agreement between these parties .

 altMedia reports that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro  has expelled  three United States consular officers who  work at the United States consular office in Venezuela. In a TV interview he emphasized that it has been decided to expel these three officers because they discussed with three opposition activists against whom arrest  warrants have been issued ,which relates to the killing of three people  in the  current antigovernment agitations. The president further added that Venezuela had no need of orders from anyone.

The U.S. installed the Karzai government in their occupation of Afghanistan. Now that the US/NATO forces are withdrawing from the country, Karzai is attempting to demonstrate to the Afghan people his independence from them. By releasing 65 prisoners, Karzai has raised the ire of his U.S. sponsors.


Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday rejected criticism of his government's release of 65 detainees viewed by Washington as dangerous militants, further fanning tensions with the United States as the international mission in Afghanistan winds down.

altFerdinand Marcos salted away a vast fortune in foreign accounts, according to the Philippine authorities. 

The Philippine government has recovered more than US$29m from the Swiss accounts of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the search for more of his hidden wealth continues 28 years after he was toppled, an official has said.

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