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 altMedia reports that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro  has expelled  three United States consular officers who  work at the United States consular office in Venezuela. In a TV interview he emphasized that it has been decided to expel these three officers because they discussed with three opposition activists against whom arrest  warrants have been issued ,which relates to the killing of three people  in the  current antigovernment agitations. The president further added that Venezuela had no need of orders from anyone.

The U.S. installed the Karzai government in their occupation of Afghanistan. Now that the US/NATO forces are withdrawing from the country, Karzai is attempting to demonstrate to the Afghan people his independence from them. By releasing 65 prisoners, Karzai has raised the ire of his U.S. sponsors.


Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Thursday rejected criticism of his government's release of 65 detainees viewed by Washington as dangerous militants, further fanning tensions with the United States as the international mission in Afghanistan winds down.

altFerdinand Marcos salted away a vast fortune in foreign accounts, according to the Philippine authorities. 

The Philippine government has recovered more than US$29m from the Swiss accounts of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the search for more of his hidden wealth continues 28 years after he was toppled, an official has said.

altIt is reported that 15 foreign pilgrims have been died due to a fire in a hotel in Saudi Arabia. This fire has been broke out in a hotel located to the north of city of Medina. About 700 pilgrims came from different countries had been staying in the hotel at that movement. Saudi authorities said that the victims have not yet been identified and investigation are being carried out to identify them and to release true informations regarding the matter.

altThe National Security Agency of US is involved in industrial espionage and will take intelligence regardless of its value to national security, the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has told a German television network. 

In a lengthy interview broadcast on the public broadcaster ARD TV on Sunday,  Snowden said the NSA did not limit its espionage to issues of national security and cited the German engineering firm Siemens as one target. 

altForeign media reported that five Afghan cricketers were shot dead while they in eastern Laghman province on late Thursday. Officials of Afghan government blamed on Taliban for the attack, but no one has so far claimed responsibility. Attacker came by motor bike and had fled the scene within minutes.

altOne student was killed, several injured and at least 60 arrested on Saturday as students at the Cairo campus of Al-Azhar University battled with security forces.  At least two buildings were set ablaze. The day was the first of end-of-term examinations at the university, the epicentre of recent anti-government demonstrations led by Islamist youth

    The state-owned al-Ahram  newspaper reported that security forces used teargas to disperse students who were stopping others taking their exams. The violence followed the deaths of at least five people during protests in several cities on Friday.

altResearch institute of United Kingdom forecast China is going to be the economic super power in 2028.  London  based  research institute of business studies predicted  after analysing data from  30 major world economies. According to the report China will surpass USA in 2028 with current economic growth rate and  production capacity. The report published recently said that India will be the world third economic power by 2028 surpassing Japan.

altIt is reported that North West US and South East Canada is experiencing a severe snow fall. This had resulted in half a million people without electricity facing extreme difficulties.

altAs a result of the stormy weather thousands of people are facing difficulties with floods and power cuts in southern England. It is reported that severe flood warnings have been issued and thousands of people needed to be rescued overnight.

It is said that thousands of properties are facing Christmas morning without electricity.

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